Last Cough

IMG_1415The final project I made was titled Haley, an observatory not often seen. It works on the principles of the caternary arch, a curve found in nature that can be made by hanging a string from each end. In my case, this is done by dipping said string into concrete and letting the string dry, capturing the invisible force of gravity and showing that within the observatory. all of the observatory is made by hanging these concrete ropes from the roof of the building and then inverting the string.

Below is my material exploration, using concrete to create the arch structures I used in the final model. these were more complicated combinations of string dipped in concrete to explore what string can do when dipped in concrete.

20150227_134332 20150227_134932 20150227_134746 20150227_134720 20150227_135112                                      20150227_135112

Haley is an observatory that is meant to be observed in two notions. One side is the rational side of life, that is a focus on time, speed and efficiency. The observatory can be entered from the architecture building or by climbing up to a parascope where the pedestrian will be free to use the parascope to see far up the railway tracks to spot where the train is along its tracks and determine when it will be here to plan accordingly to his or her schedule. this could be very useful to us who want to maximize our time in studio or for anyone truly. You can witness the rational side of the observatory being used by one of my creatures as he observes the train through the parascope.

IMG_1410 IMG_1411 IMG_1413 IMG_1414 IMG_1442 IMG_1443 IMG_1444

The other side of this observatory is the romantic side. The romantic observatory is located on the dome of the structure. This part is much more difficult to get to as it requires the viewer to climb up the lattice structure in the front, but provides the observer to see the world around them above everyone else and absorb the world around them. this is a romantic view of the world, more focused on enjoying the world, while the rational is much more narrow and focused on being efficient. The final picture above shows one of my floating face creatures using the romantic observatory as he gazes up at the sky to observe his world. This hidden romantic side is hinted at in the underside of the dome as during the night the dome can be used as a star-gazing platform and during the day, an artificial night sky is made with the holes underneath the dome to make a fake night sky, showing this hidden life within the dome.

IMG_1433 IMG_1432 IMG_1430 IMG_1429IMG_1436IMG_1438IMG_1439

Leading up to my final project however i had many iterations and versions, such as a sculpture made purely of line, along with one similar to the final project but more technology-based.

IMG_1409 IMG_1405 IMG_1406

During the time leading up to this project, I often drew in my artist’s style to inspire me and to understand how he works better and so i would become better at creating drawings, but also because it was fun to do and i love his stuff.

IMG_1403 IMG_1402IMG_1404 IMG_1447

As for this year, I have struggled. even though I have struggled though, I enjoyed what I did in this class. it introduced me to many new ideas, ways of thinking, and even street art which I plan on exploring in the future. I love Phlegm’s work and I hope I can improve my pen and ink and apply that in later years to my drawings more. I truly enjoyed my time in studio, and thank you Shaun and Conty for your help with these assignments. Everything I did here was interesting to me and I am actually happy with every drawing I made, a rarity for most drawings I do.