The Finale

Over the past semester I have been working with the theme of gesture. When defining gesture I realized that it is the ability for an artist to procreate their idea with the control of their hand. That is why I was able to connect my final project to graffiti. To create a piece of art the hand must be steady and able to use stokes and layers to grasp the details to make your piece as realistic as possible. This ideal image of realism is the same theme that performers use when on stage. The program that I was assigned was a stage. I took the stage and used the idea of creating another world for the audience to create my final project. I designed panels that will run along rails that are installed long the top and sides of the Architecture building. There will be four rails that create rows in each of the three bays that run on the ceiling and back wall. There will also be columns of six rails perpendicular to the twelve. This allows the panels to move not only front and back but also to the sides of the building. However to prevent the panels from moving along the rail with factors such as the wind, along each rail there will be holes on the ceiling and the ground to allow a lock to run through and be pinned to the position.The following plans where designed to demonstrate the idea of the panels.

DSC_0186 This would be the front view of the installation. DSC_0190This is an image of the top view of the panels.

blog 123 This piece is the top part that connects the panel to the rails. Here you can see the image of the lock on the side to stabilize the panel.

The main idea of having all of these rails is to be able to create a whole new world of all kinds of art to view. In my hybrid models, you can see how the panels filled with graffiti and other forms of art will transform the space into a more complicated space.With my material exploration, I discovered that with al of the lines and style of graffiti the images around you focuses your attention on the art.

DSC_0173 This is my material exploration that with all of the glue strokes, it creates confusion and when scaled to size it becomes a new space.

In the end I went with the panel design that showed how the gesture of the hand can create a world for viewers. This gesture is related to my artist Specter as he used the skills of focus and detail to bring the space to his art. Finally I decided as the finishing touch to add a light to the top of the panel. This allows the artists to show their work in the dark and choose weather or not they want to create the light effect on their work. My final drawings from a 1:50 scale show the final product of my idea.

These are images of my final model of a 1:1 scale of the panels.


This semester I had a fun time creating new ideas and seeing how it can come to play in the real world. I learned a lot about how I work as a student and how my designs can progress to become a 1:1 scale on sites. It was a challenge to pick and choose what I wanted in the end because there where many possibilities to create my idea. But I learned that great pieces of work are simple to make and easy to use. So with all of this process work leading to my final project I tried to create all of designs as simple as possible.

When we started to get closer to the end I realized that my panels had to be bulletproof. Meaning that if I wanted them to work, they needed to be perfect in every way. This was the part that frustrated me because they where pieces of glass outside I needed to come up with ways to prevent them from breaking. But in the end my design was great and I enjoyed seeing the final product of all of this semesters work come to life. I had a great time in studio and I learned a lot from everyone around me too.