The Path

A garden, by definition, is a place to plant things. Working with my theme of displacement, I am extracting the idea of the use of lines in a Japanese Rock Garden, and continuing with the use of lines in my “community garden.” This garden will focus on issues that women in the Carleton community have faced, and will bring light to matters that are often left in the dark.The garden will be a path from the OTrain to the University Center, to act as a safe path for woman and to bring light to these feminine issues. Female Carleton students who have been a victim of sexual crimes on campus, or in their personal lives, can add strings, which will act as architectural elements and further help complete the “safe” path. Essentially, these woman will be planting their painful memories in the garden by the symbolic use of string, which in the end will serve as inspiration to end these crimes.

“The Experience of the Path”

Music: “Shallows” by Daughter