Banner/Hulk Laboratory

The initial study was to analyze the art work of a Canadian street artist name Dan Bergeron. One might say his style of street art is unlike the generic “graffiti” styles that one would normally encounter. At a first glance it is evident that Bergeron’s work is a form of photo-based interventions. Dan Bergeron’s technique follows the idea of dissecting large photographs and wheat-pasteing them onto street walls. The art-work is depicted through the subject of his photograph and street wall. These two requirements are critical for Dan Bergeron, thus the photograph and street wall are interdependent to execute the art work. Furthermore when focusing in an architectural perspective, Dan Bergeron’s work underlines the themes of dissection and balance. Studying Dan Bergeron’s themes were an inspiration towards the final project in creating a place of work for an inhabitant.


Given the opportunity to create a place of work, The Hulk as the client was presented. This interesting superhero at first was quiet a challenge as to how a work of space would be created. The issue presented was the client experiences the state of morphing/expanding from its human size body. Fortunately the answer was before my very eyes. A decision was made to create a structure(lab) interdependent with semi-permanent parts that are attached to sections that follow the notion of morphing. Essentially the permanent parts of the structure are designed for Dr. Banner’s work space while the morphing sections are for The Hulk. The cause behind Dr. Banner’s transformation is either by anger or stress. Once Dr. Banner becomes The Hulk, the morphing section would act as an expanding escape tunnel route. This escape tunnel route expands outwards in proportion to Hulk’s transformation. Essentially the tunnel route acts as a method of “Releasing the Beast”. The ability of having this section expand will avoid any structural damage to the lab. However in case of an emergency Dr. Banner’s lab itself is designed to expand and contract if Dr. Banner were to ever erupt into the Hulk. This system was achieved by connecting an elastic material (cables or ropes) through the structure’s triangular pieces. (See picture below)

Final Model Images:

Still following Dan Bergeron’s principles. Dissection is seen in the small triangular shapes achieved through cutting, glueing and omitting shapes essentially forming the permanent structure. furthermore having the earth’s ground rise and essentially being placed over areas of the place of work makes the structure blend and act as a unit with the earth. This ties back to Dan Bergeron’s Face of the City work where the subject blends in with the street wall. (See Below)

By not attaching the structure to any current building would eliminate the risk of any damage by The Hulk. Furthermore, Dr. Banner is a socially withdrawn and reserved scientist hence why I chose the structure to be situated at the edge of campus behind the Herzberg laboratories and beside the Rideau Canal. Given the open space will allow the Hulk to roam around without interfering with campus.


Despite the stress, countless all nighters, and materials purchased. I for one really enjoyed and loved studio. Personally studio is a love and hate relationship. Last week I was so happy to finish Studio 1 but now, I’m sitting here at home wishing I can do more work. What I really like about Studio 1 is the consistency of work and the flow of it. I like how one project leads to the other. This experience allowed me to stretch my creativity and push myself harder to limits I wouldn’t think I would reach. I don’t recall my first thoughts of what studio would be like. However hearing from upper years I heard studio would be an intensive course. Based on that, I knew I needed to have courage and the right mind set right away for Studio 1. What I mean by the right mind set is having dedication, being focused and consistently be optimistic. From wheat-pasting outside in -30 degree weather to cutting/folding 902 triangular pieces this journey surely paid off and the experience behind helped me develop so many more skills than I had to begin with. I really did surprise myself this semester by the quality of my work. Overall i’m quite pleased with it and it was a very fulfilling and satisfying experience. Like Andrew stated in his email, Studio will be the norm for us students and our professional career which I’m excited for and looking forward to learn new things. I’d like to say to thanks to my studio professor, Karen Conty and TA, Andrew Keogh for this wonderful experience and for your support and guidance. Have a safe and pleasant summer!

Diego Juarez  


Final Drawing plans of the Place of Work:


Images of Storyboard:

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A notion of images with Inhabitant (Dr. Banner & Student):

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Images of site:


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Audio of Intended atmosphere feeling:


Previous Work


Exploring “Dissection” Latin Term: “To Cut Apart”:


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Exploring the notion of Expanding/Contracting and Folding: 


Process work images (including developed models and Project III):