Project 3 Reflection

Project Description and Narratives/Sketches of Project 3:

For Assignment 3, we focused on creating a “demountable place of work” for a super character, designed by the artist we analysed from Assignment 2. The artist, Vhils, is a Portuguese street artist who’s main technique focuses on destroying the surface, and has work inspired by global issues. The super character, Venom, is a villain from Spiderman, who is a Symbiote, an extraterrestrial species. Due to the fact that Venom is not a human, it challenged this assignment by instead of making a place of where this super character can work in or perform their work, but rather than a representation of his work. Since Venom is a destructive Symbiote, who is capable of giving their host super powers, but also able to block out the mental mind of the host so he can take total control of them. With this destructive characteristic of Venom, and Vhils’ technique of destroying, I had the two work together. Viewing Venom as Vhils’ extended hand by acting as his tool to destroy this place, from this exploration, I was able to adapt the idea of control and power, and how it can be destroyed, reflecting on the idea of ruins, and how they are places that once had control and power but was later on lost and decayed over time.

Newly Developed Explorations

Frascari Relation to Exploration

In the reading, The Tell-TheTale Detail by Marco Frascari, it focuses on the role of the detail and how it is significantly related to architecture. The section that mentions Alberti says, “beauty is the skillful joining of parts by a normative by which nothing can be added, subtracted or altered for the worse.” From this, I understood it as beauty being the combination of parts formed, where nothing will be changed for the worse. I found this to be related to my exploration because from studying Vhils as an artist, he creates art through destruction. Typically, destruction is viewed to be a negative in architecture because it is seen to be the force that damages or enforces conflicts of the function of the architecture. From my current explorations, I’ve tested melting ice cubes with hot water and melting styrofoam with nail polish. Both of which, I’ve seen a change in their own structure, especially when I’ve attempted to scour into the solid pieces to allow the parts to have a starting point to follow. I see this to be related to what Alberti said because he sees beauty to be built by parts that cannot be changed for the worse. From my experiments, I feel as if I am destroying to find the worse in my structures, but with the intention with what will be the final result after being destroyed. The destruction becomes almost part of the beauty of the structure because it changes the look of the structure but in reality, not for the worse. It allows a person to see the structural details that was once part of the structure itself, but then how it transforms it into something else. These details become a thing of beauty to the structure because even though they are gone, they are still a part of the structure, and leaves behind an open space that is then open to more possibilities that the structure has.

Proposal in Future Projects  

From my new exploration, I would like to attempt to discover more solid structures and what, in a form similar to Venom, can destroy it. It’d like to further explore this because it would be interesting to see materials, specifically materials involved in construction, and what elements, especially liquid-like elements, can be used to damage or weaken these materials. I find this to be an interesting exploration that can be further looked into with other projects but it is a technique that can be used as the method of creating something. Although I find the destructive technique a very useful method that can carried throughout many projects, I’d like to be able to use it in different way and not in its only form. I’d like to be able to view it from different angle, as if instead of being the destroyer, I’d like to see it more as, what can I create from the destroyer. In a way, it is working with the what’s already been done and what can I create from them.