Client Exploration: Venom

Thought Map of Venom-Vhils relationship with Work and Theme: Venom-Vhils mind map link 

Past narratives/storyboard sketches

Interpreting Work 

I am interpreting “work” by demonstrating based off of a representation on Venom’s powers, and its capability to damage the mind of the host. His work while be presented through a “demountable place of work” through a model or an art piece that my artist, Vhils, would create and uses Venom as his destructive tool to represent the work.  This embodies the destructive theme from artist because for one reason, Vhils uses tools to further destroy when creating his work. Venom becomes part of the technique to help address the “issue” of his own work. Another reason why this connects to the destructive theme is because the idea of the model is that it presents an idea that makes Venom’s concept equal to other ideas of power and control, Venom would further destroy the model because supposedly, he wouldn’t want to be seen equal with these other ideas, and would rather be presented as much more stronger and powerful than them. In spirit of my artist, it still addresses what his work typically is used for. It would address an issue and present the cons and impacts it has. For this project, if Venom were to ask Vhils to create a “demountable place of work,” he would prefer that it would a piece of work that puts emphasis on what his powers are capable of doing. As the “architect” for this place of work,  I believe Vhils wouldn’t want to put emphasis on the positives of his powers and its abilities. I think Vhils would rather address the problems and destructive side of his powers. In terms of “demountable,” the place would have parts that would be removed to represent his powers and control.

Exploration Development 

My exploration while propose the idea of its demountable effect. So the idea of parts of it being removed or destroyed my Venom to symbolize his own powers and affects. I decided to explore through wire and plaster. The wires would lead to a “power” source where each wire would connect and be symbols of power and control because they relate to the idea of power (which would be symbolize through the power source). Overall, these wires connecting to a power source reflect the idea of all powerful images are connected through one controlling factor that they share. These wires would be protected or covered with the plaster where it makes it acts like a support for them. This exploration would connect to actual structural buildings, where in most buildings, it would consist of a steel bar running through the cement, both forming the structural frame of the building, ideally, the cement almost acting like the skin or protective element of the building. This frame and protective layer work together because they behave with one another to keep the structure strong and standing. If you were to take away one of these elements, it would be difficult for the structure to stand on its own. Similarly, this works with when looking at government control, where the government has the power to control a region. If a certain part of the government structure wasn’t working together, its makes them unstable and creating a chaotic regions because the structure of their government isn’t strong enough to perform or keep their power.

With the human body, which relates directly to how Venom works and how people who have the same idea of power and control as he does, they both mentally damage the brain. For Venom, he does this by physically acting like a barrier around the person so he controls and brings out his own power while working with them, as if it were a piece of clothing being worn by the person and the clothing being able to control the person. Another way Venom relates to the human body is by a mental connection with the person. He does this by blocking their minds from controlling their body so he can control it without any struggle. Therefore, causing him to take total control of the person. This relates to the exploration I’ve been doing because my artist will want to make someone similarly related to the human body, because not only with Venom, it also demonstrates an idea of power an control because man classical and modern structures are based off of the human body, such as parts like the arm, the leg, the torso, parts of the face, the head, etc. All of which have a certain control to perform a task, showing the power a person can possess when used properly to perform an action. So, when my artist purposely connects Venom with powerful people who have used their body to directly related their body to help show control and power, such as government people using the brain to think and their mouth to voice their opinions, the authority, like police force, using their body to be a language of their strength and seriousness. Architects using their arms and legs to measure out their buildings so it related to the body. In relation to the exploration, he does show that the people who are seen to have powers, use it to their advantage but also to help them control other people. So, I’d be exploring the human body and showing structurally, the connections it has with Venom controlling his victims. Just like how a government or police force need a structured team to be able to control a body of people, or a how an architect needs a firm and rigid structure and plan to help act as a guide for everything else when constructing. For Venom, it while show how Venom sees himself stronger than these powerful images, and that he can destroy the human power, creating a weakened structure, where he would destroy the protective “skin” that covers the structure and when he destroys/damages the skin, it’ll weaken the structure.

Overall, my exploration will grasp the idea that Venom will destroy the protection of the form that holds the structure together, which will physically and symbolically represent the idea of Venom and how he works.