Analysis on Supercharacter

The super character, Venom, is a typically a Symbiote character. A Symbiote is an external species that is a form of jelly-like features allowing it to form and morph its shape. In the Marvel comics, the Venom needs a host, which acts like a costume for the shape, and as its bonds with the host, it’s capable of taking control of the host and blocking themselves out

. One of Venom’s well-known hosts is Spiderman, where Spiderman brought back the Symbiote, not knowing its evil-like actions. Though the Venom grew a mutual bond with Spiderman, Spiderman no longer wanted to be bonded. Due to Spiderman’s rejection, it emotional affected the Venom and when heard of Eddie Brock, who was a journal reporter who reported a serial killer but ended up being the wrong man and Spiderman catching the true serial killer. From this, Brock wanted to get revenge of Spiderman impacting his career. When the Venom heard of this, he merged into Brock becoming one of Spiderman’s villains.


Strengths, weakness and influences. 

Several strengths that Venom has is superhuman strength, speed, healing factors, enhancing its own abilities, recalling memory from past hosts therefore also contributing to the fact its capability of having the power of its past host and using it in another host, and changing its size. It also feeds off of emotions, especially when involving negative emotions. In addition, the mental state of the host also contributes to it as a character because it amplifies the characteristics, so in some cases, if it bonds with a good person, it will result in performing good actions, but when bonded with an bad or negative-minded person, because it does feed off of this, it puts emphasis on this characteristic and makes the host appear in a psychotic manner.

In terms of weaknesses, it is seen that for Spiderman to be capable of forcing the Symbiote being out of him, he used the sound of a church bell where the sonic waves from the intense sound weakened him. In addition, seen through the comics, the heat coming from high voltage electricity is another seen feature that weakens him. Though, as the Venom multiples or continues to fight, the newest breeds and the “crea

tors” are able learn from its past, therefore reducing its weaknesses and increasing its powers. Although exposure to heat and sonic waves will make it vulnerable as a character but it can adapt and learn to resist against its weaknesses.

Influences that contribute to Venom is the interest in finding a host. Its as if it is find a subject that it can be merged with and once united, it feeds off of the emotion or characteristics of the subject and amplifies it. Giving the impression that once find its match, it make

s itself perfect for them and strengthens the bond. Though once in and if it felt that the host was rejecting it, the Venom is capable of blocking out the mental mind of the host, and taking control of the host. It’s overall motivation is a being is find a host to bond with and find a way to stay bonded with them.

Venom’s “Work”

Defining Venom’s concept of work can be interpreted in many different views. The main focus of “work” for Venom is the search of finding the host to bond with to be able to perfo

rm as a villain. So find a link to be able to demonstrate its actions. Though another way to define work for Venom is the once find the bondage, how Venom is capable of controlling the host and using them to its own advantage, as well as using their hosts’ own abilities and then adding it to its own list of abilities. For example, when Venom was in Spiderman, it was able to gain its spider powers, so when it was forced out of Spiderman and went into another body. The Venom was able to bring the addition of the spider powers with his strengths and use it in another host, making it seem like when Venom would fight against Spiderman, it was Spiderman vs himself.

From the above two forms of work I found through looking at Venom, I should incorporate the idea concept of merging with a host and adapting its natural abilities. Overall, the idea of absorbing, because it will be join the body but as well as fuse new abilities with its already existing powers.


Venom connected with “Destruction” theme 

From my exploration in Assignment 2, I focused on the theme of destruction.  In relation to Venom, I see the two hand-in-hand reflect the idea of accepting its change. For example when I broke glass, I had to accept the new form of glass and work with it. For Venom, as he is in body, he has to accept the given characteristics of the host and use them to use own advantage, which reflects his ability to emphasize them. Also, from my destruction exploration, I was able to find control of destroying an object so when I created my model, it was worked to my advantage and its appearance resembled my ideal. This relates to Venom because he controls the person to again, his own advantage. The control of this is an important feature because its the ability of controlling what already exists and instead of altering it, its state it amplified and becomes a contribution to supporting the idea and character.