Mid-Term Exploration Reflection

In the review that took place this past week, I went over my exploration and analysis on my artist Vhils. I spoke out about what influences and techniques he uses. In further exploration of the artist, I did a reconstruction of some of his work and discovered that there was more to his technique. After the reconstruction, I looked at destruction as a main theme displayed through his work. With this, I created 3 different models that reflected Vhils’ symbolism and theme. In the end, I’ve found that his theme can continue to be explored and used architecturally.

In the end of my presentation, one of the reviewers talked about one of the themed pieces, the keyboard. He mentioned how it was a piece that was so symbolic and really represented the message that would convey the gentrification because of the negative effects it caused on the victims of this process. In the end, he said it could be a museum piece because of its symbolism behind it and all the different representations it can hold. Although it was such a positively looked at piece, it can also be seen as a research assignment already finalized. Same also goes for the Starbuck series I’ve created which looks at the different destroying techniques on the same surface. This series ended up as being a strong piece physically because it was capable to represent what I initially wanted to display. Although, symbolically, it wasn’t as strong as it could have been. The strongest, both physically and symbolically was my glass bottle piece. It showed the control of destruction that I had attempted to achieve through my other destroyed pieces. It also showed the levels of destruction that I had have gone through before achieving this. Off this, the reviewers said it can explored and seen through architectural projects. Specifically they talked about how architects love ruins and there’s something beautiful about objects and areas that undergo this damaged affect. I mentioned how it can be something that can be worked with and not worked against to get rid of.

Overall, I found this review to be successful and enjoyed all that I’ve done and gone through. I’ve discovered that destruction is a beautiful concept that can be used in reflection to my other projects. I’m glad to have been given the opportunity to discover this theme from Vhils and explore it through analysis, reconstruction and creating themed models. I’m extremely satisfied with the feedback I’ve received from the reviewers and glad to have experience this.

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